Smart Sequencer CN-3600SE

The new CN-3600 SE is one of the first products to feature Furman's SmartSequencing technology, which allows large and complex A/V systems to be safely powered on and off with a simple press of a button or turn of a key, even by nontechnical personnel. SmartSequencing's bidirectional communications between installed units enables a primary unit to control and sequence multiple secondary units, ensuring multizone electronic systems are powered on and off safely and dependably from a single control point across an entire installation. Units can be connected via current loop at runs of more than 1,000 feet with backwards compatibility with Furman's legacy sequencers.

In addition, the CN-3600 SE offers robust control options, equipped with RS-232 ports and command sets for integration with control systems. An optional RS-232-to-Ethernet adaptor (sold separately) adds full IP-addressability to the unit, allowing it to be controlled, programmed, and monitored from a smartphone, tablet, PC, or any Web-enabled device via Telnet, direct HTTP connection, or Panamax/Furman's BlueBOLT-hosted remote power and energy management platform./p>

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Furman  Purify Your Power 

Pic 1

Furman power conditioners with EVS protect against what happens to a typical surge strip.

Pic 2

Demonstration of the effectiveness of the Furman SMP surge protection circuit by subjecting it to a massive power spike.

Pic 3

Furman's Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT) evenly reduces AC line noise across a wide frequency bandwidth to provide a lower noise floor and reliable performance...